Travelzoo was experiencing a precipitous drop in unique visitors (>300,000), down from 1 million+ monthly visitors in previous months. Since they generate their revenue from advertising, this was a serious issue.


Our objective was two-fold: generate a substantial amount of traffic and maintain the current return on investment consistent with current marketing efforts.


We chose to leverage proven sites and technologies that could provide an immediate boost to traffic. We utilized pop-up advertising, which substantially increased traffic as well as relevant users. We also targeted consumers in the travel mindset. In the travel category, we determined that focusing on psychographics rather than demographics. We engaged consumers when they were looking to buy.


We grew unique users 880% without exceeding the current cost to generate a new user. Prior to our efforts, Travelzoo was not ranked in the top 100 travel sites (according to Media Metrix) prior to our initiatives. They are now a top 10 travel site.

Date: May 01, 2012